Caraboo Loops

Two Black Boys - Part 1

March 15, 2022

We're back! After just over a year since our last episode we have 5 very exciting new episodes to share with you all! 

In part one of this episode, artist, researcher and writer Dan Guthrie uncovers the history of an object in his hometown of Stroud called the Black Boy Clock, from its creation in the midst of the transatlantic slave trade to its restorations in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. 

Part two of this story will be released on the 12th April.


Dan Guthrie is an artist, researcher and writer whose work often explores representations of Black Britishness, with an interest in examining how they manifest themselves in rural areas.

His work has been screened at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Focal Point Gallery, Obsidian Coast and the ICA, and he has previously worked as a submission viewer for London Short Film Festival and Glasgow Short Film Festival.

At the moment, he is developing a new body of work investigating historical and contemporary Black presences and mis-presences in his hometown of Stroud, working across moving image, sculpture and writing.

He is currently a participant in East Bristol Contemporary’s Day School programme, a panel member for Stroud District Council’s review of statues, buildings, streets and monuments, and a part-time librarian.

He lives and works in Stroud, Gloucestershire. / 


A full transcript and research material collected by Dan is available on our website.

Edit, Mix and Original music: Rowan Bishop

This episode was commissioned by Caraboo Projects and kindly supported by Arts Council England 

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